Hello! I’m Nicole, the youngest of the Show-Me Sisters.

My sister, Bethany and I have always been a part of agriculture. We grew up on our family farm in central Missouri where we have beef cattle, two horses, a dog and a small herd of cats. As kids, we had the typical farm life, jumping on hay bales, playing in creeks, and roaming the woods. We were in 4-H and eventually FFA. As kids, we were inseparable and to this day, are as close as sisters can be.

College is where our lives decided to take slightly different paths. Bethany got a degree in agriculture education while I went with Agriculture Business. I started college as a freshman who didn’t think they could handle one semester away from the farm and ended three years later, as a girl ready to take on the world.

Now, almost a year later, I finished a couple of internships and landed a job with MFA Inc. God truly blessed me when he placed me in this small town grain elevator!

You are probably wondering how we ever came to the idea of blogging.

Last week, Bethany texted me that she wanted to start a blog. Minutes later, the Show Me Sisters were born.

So strap in and join us on this crazy thing called life. Let us show you what it’s all about in our little slice of heaven!


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