Apples, apples, apples! 

Being the only girl at work, I like to use the guys as taste testers. If the food is ok, it will take them all day to finish the container and it might continue into the second day. If the food is good, then it’s all gone before noon. If the food is great, the food is all gone before noon and comments are made about getting more of it as soon as possible. It’s a very technical system. 

On their birthdays, I sometimes take into consideration what they actually want instead of making what I want to make. Such instance happened last  week, and he wanted apple cobbler. 

Before I actually started cooking, I needs some clarification. What’s the difference between a pie and and cobbler? To him, it was the size of the pan, yes, the SIZE of the pan! Nothing to do with the toppings (multiple work discussions have stemmed from this dessert!)

Since our neighbor had brought us some of their apples, I ventured into my first apple pie, errr, I mean cobbler. 

For those of you other first timers, pies are super simple! Peel and cut apples, put crust in pan, mix cut apples with other goodies, dump into pan, cover with crust and BAM, you have a pie! 

I’ll admit it! I used store bought crust. I am not the official pie maker of the family and Bethany remains firm in her grip of that title. 

After skinning about seven of the  apples (we only had six left), I used our handy dandy slicer to chop them all up. I really like using the chopper because it makes the slices extremely thin, which I think makes the pie a whole lot better! 

Cover pie pan with crust. Now if you are paying attention, you would realized that this is not a ‘cobbler’ pan. I had to recreate my pie for pictures which I think deeply offended my pie loving parents. NOT.

Mix apples with goodies. I got a rough estimation of ingredients from the Betty Crocker cookbook but I omitted some things and added others. 

1/3 cup flour

1 cup sugar

1 teaspoon cinnamon 

Into the first crust and cover! Recipe said to put butter on the apples and then cover, but I like a flakey crust so I did it in and on the pie. 

Into the over at 400 for 30-40 minutes! 

Beautiful and delicious!


3 thoughts on “Apples, apples, apples! 

  1. yummy! you make it sound so simple. and lovely pics. wish you’d have put one of the finished pie also. but, i guess that’s left for the reader to imagine and drool over . 🙂


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