Happy Hogsgiving

If you’ve noticed, we talked about pork a lot lately. That’s because our Thanksgiving revolves around pork!

Take a peek into what our ‘average’ Thanksgiving looks like!

We start in our shop. This is where the pigs get cut into the different cuts of meat.


Then hauled down to the basement to be trimmed up and put in sealed bags.


Sealing them up!


We make our own sausage, which is just a mixture of pork, salt and pepper. It’s cut into chunks, mixed and then ground up. 


We also put it into casings and link it together to make the perfect sausage links! Notice on the table our ham and bacon, these were later cured and hung back in the cooler for a couple of days.


Bulk sausage going into links.


We also had to cook down the lard. But this takes a LONG time so we do it on Friday, after shopping of course!


And we always have our handy cleaners hanging around!
Hope you and your family had a great thanksgiving too!




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