Google Drive.. Awesome or Awful?

As a teacher, our school loves technology! The newest push throughout our school is Google Drive. It does have its advantages; such as Google Classroom. Google Classroom allows me to manage my classes through one portal and assign and push out items to the class at one time. It is a neat resource that I can’t wait to explore more of!


However, I have a hard time transitioning into the other programs when I am so used to using Microsoft Word!  Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions for using Google Drive, docs, or apps? I would love to hear your thoughts!



5 thoughts on “Google Drive.. Awesome or Awful?

  1. i have no idea how it can be used in teaching. i thought it was just an online file sharing program. How can you use it to teach? Sending lessons or assignments?


    • Google has an app that is called Google Classroom. It allows the teacher to make classes and invite students to those class portals. Within each class portal, the teacher can share documents, post announcements, and create assignments. The students can then interact with each other on the portal or within the class stream found on the homepage of each classroom section. They can upload assignments and complete them individually or as a group using Google Drive. They can also share items with each other or the teacher. The best part is that the teacher can see everything the student does within a google document because of the unique sharing ability of the document!

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      • Wow! Has technology progressed or wat! In our time, it used to be live. 😉 And teachers could see everything , even if we were at the far end of the classroom 😉 : D


  2. I absolutely love Google Drive as a teacher. I assign things on Google Classroom, and I love being able to attach resources to each assignment for my students so that they have each resource in one centralized place. It did take me a little bit of adjustment to figure out ways to transition from using Microsoft to Google Drive. Truthfully, I googled how to transition from each individual piece in order to learn. (I.E. learning how to flip a document from portrait to landscape, etc.)
    However, it has become quite streamlined and I can attach rubrics and study guides, which my kids love. I’d love to hear if you have anything that works for you!


    • Those are great suggestions! I do love the collaboration that Google Classroom provides. I love that students can work together on an assignment and I can see exactly who does what on the project. It is a great way to keep students accountable! I am excited to start trying out new features!

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