So I decided to make a quilt…

Let me tell you, I am notorious for bad sewing. I made a pillow for our county fair once and my grandma, very lovingly, told me I should probably keep it at home. So why would I embark on this adventure? 

Mainly, because I need a winter project while it’s so dark and cold outside. But a couple of people have told me I couldn’t do it, so, of course, I bought the fabric for it as soon as I could. 

This has been in the works for awhile because it takes a TON of math to just figure out how much fabric you need. And you have to decide on what patterns. Then you have to have sewing machine, and a bunch of other fancy things that make your quilting hobby a whole lot easier. (I borrowed all my tools from Bethany. She’s one of my skeptics, so making it with her tools is a sweet victory!)

Here is my pattern. Yes, I this is just a screen shot of Pinterest. Yes, these are the only instructions I have. I like to live life on the edge!

Seems simple right? 

Last night, I finally got started. When we were younger, Bethany and I used to go to our Grandma’s to ‘sew’. Meaning I ate snacks and ironed the fabric while Bethany and grandma made beautiful things. But after all those times, I did pick up a few pointers.  

That is a beautifully ironed piece of fabric. This is where my comfort zone ended.

I had to even up the edges before doing anything drastic. 

If you look at the pattern, I had to start with squares so that was my only goal. I needed 13′ squares and it was absolutely terrifying to make the first ‘real cut’.

But I did it! Look at those straight lines!

My first square! And it’s actually pretty close to square.


Forty minutes later, I had three squares and felt like I could accomplish the world! Kudos to you mighty lifelong quilters out there, (yes I’m talking to you Grandma!) because you all are mathematically and creatively genius!

 And to the quilters like me, we’ve got this! Grab your fabric and go! (But maybe plan at least a little)

Tips? Tricks? Hilarious quilting stories? I would love to hear them! 



5 thoughts on “So I decided to make a quilt…

  1. Quarter inch seams are very important! If you can, look for or make a guide for your machine foot. I think you picked a great pattern to begin with. By cutting the squares after you sew them together, you get a look of a much more complicated block, but you are not seeing any little pieces. So for your first, you will knock this out. My first quilt I made the top went really fast. Then I decided I would hand quilt it, and that took a well over a year to accomplish. Good luck!


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