National Milk Day!

How do you like your milk on National Milk Day?


Nicole and I have always loved milk! But I should clarify, we have always loved COWS milk. Milk can come from many different animals, such as cows, goats, sheep, buffalo, camels, reindeer and even yaks!


Milk is a white, watery liquid produced from the mammary glands of mammals. This liquid is the primary source of nutrients for the offspring of the mammals until they are able to digest other food. The milk from these animals can be used to make many different products and is used for drinking and cooking. Where does cows milk come from? Did you know there are two different types of cows? Beef cows are used to produce the meat we eat and buy from the grocery store while dairy cows produce our milk!

“Where does our milk come from?”

Why is National Milk Day celebrated on January 11 each year? This day marks a very special day. In 1878, milk started being delivered in glass bottles. This allowed the milk to stay fresher than other methods used before! This jar was called the Lester milk jar and had a screwed cap lid. Plastic-coated paper milk cartons were invented by Victor W. Farris in 1932 and were produced commercially which helped the milk last even longer!

Milk Fun Facts! ( Wow your friends and family with your vast milk knowledge)

  1. Milk is always produced as a white liquid but can be mixed with chocolate, strawberry, or other flavors to make your drink more exciting.
  2. Pasteurization was invented by Louis Pasteur in 1863. This is a method that kills harmful bacteria in your food to help preserve it longer.
  3. Most of the milk in the world is produced by dairy cows for human consumption.
  4. Farmers take care of the dairy cows because they want the safest and most productive environment for their animals.


Celebrate National Milk Day by coloring or creating your milk mustache!

Milk Coloring Page

Or make a batch of cookies! Check out my favorite recipes below!

The BEST Chocolate Chip Cookies!

I hope you enjoy learning about milk! I would love to hear how you like to drink your milk or what dairy products you enjoy!










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