Snow Beauty

Winter is my favorite season and I absolutely love the snow. Wonder why? Because it makes everything beautiful! So I wandered outside with my cute sidekick and snapped some photos.


Harley adores the snow too. Pop over to our Facebook page to see a video of her ‘crazy run’.


Chex and Rowdy are patiently waiting for me to deliver more hay to the feeder. The two heifers that share the pasture with Lily and the horses are in the background.


Being so cute is hard!


While it is really pretty, its also really slick. Note the ice covering the whole gateway.


The hay barn is the favorite winter hideout for all our farm cats, and occasionally a opossum or skunk.


Who can resist calves in the snow!


Or cows!





It may look muddy but this is all actually frozen solid. Which has its good and bad points, the chances of getting stuck in the mud are slim to none but its rough on the cows to walk on the uneven ground.


But our creeks are still running!

Hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!







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