I’m scrolling through Facebook and I see some of my friends talking about the movie Unbranded. They said it was about four cowboys and some horses. As a horse person with Netflix, that’s all it took to hook me. 

Last night, I pulled it up on Netflix and started the buffering. (We have lots of trees, sometimes buffering is a big thing.) 

I’m a Millennial. I’m 23 and grew up surrounded by technology, which means generally when I watch Netflix, I’m also on my phone. 

Not with this movie. This movie drove me through a range of emotions that didn’t allow me to tear me eyes from the tv. 

Long story short, four guys straight out of college ride mustangs from the Mexican border to the Canadian border. The Mustangs were training for about 90 days before they left, so it wasn’t a spur of the moment thing. They did it to promote the awareness of the wild mustang and because they weren’t ready to go from college to real life. 

They start off the journey with Val driving a trailer with water, feed and other essentials. Val is where it first starts to pull in your heart strings. He is the All American cowboy. I would say he was about sixty years old and treated these college boys with the respect of men is own age. But he also treated them as if they were his own sons. He tells a story about how his own son was killed by a horse kick to the head at four years old. I almost broke down as he says he sees him in these boys everyday. 

Val leaves to go back to his own ranch and when they meet up again, thousands of miles later. It is one of the most beautiful movie scenes I have ever seen. His love for these boys and his determination for there mission shows the strength of a true American rancher. 

But this movie isn’t all serious. These boys are hilarious, they drink, fish and play cards when they’re not riding. A donkey even makes an appearance for awhile. 

But this movie was made to educate on the public land in the West. And I don’t agree with everything they said so I’m not going to go into that. But what struck me the most, is that this movie shows that people can disagree and still get along, fight and still show passion for one another, tear someone’s dreams apart and still forgive. It showcases the beauty of agriculture and the pure beauty of the West. 

It’s a great movie. So watch it! 


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