An Ag Teacher’s opinion to PETA’s Post

Sitting at my desk minutes before the bell is going to ring, I hear my students talking about the most recent attempts by PETA to attack the agriculture industry through a post on Facebook. This is not uncommon but it has caught the attention of some of my students.

They have begun to realize the impact that an organization is having on something they love. As we began discussing the article they were shocked that someone would take the principles of FFA and create such a disturbing article about it! They could not believe individuals would actually think the FFA would hurt or abuse what they use to sustain their livelihood.

FFA is a dynamic organization that has helped students grow into leaders, advanced public speakers, and advocates for an industry that they love. I was able to share my passion this fall at National FFA Convention. I wanted to show my students that you need to stand up for what you believe in. Through personal growth, career success, and premier leadership FFA has changed hundreds of thousands of lives all over the country!



Each activity we do as a chapter my students learn responsibility and valuable life lessons that can help them in the future. Whether it be through a Career Development Event, Leadership Development Event, Chapter or National event our chapter and students strive to create a positive imagine and role model for the agriculture industry.  I stress to my students that even when we are having fun people look up to them.


Our chapter took 40 members to National FFA Convention where they attended leadership sessions, toured a dairy farm, and learned about agriculture on a national level.


FFA is not just a career for me, but it was a club I enjoyed in high school! Nicole and I were both active in FFA. We served our chapter on at Career Development Events and as Chapter Officers. It guided me to my future career and a job I love waking up to each morning.



My goal for each one of you is to start a conversation about agriculture or even the FFA with someone else! If we don’t share the positive impact FFA makes in our own lives and the lives around us, who will?






2 thoughts on “An Ag Teacher’s opinion to PETA’s Post

  1. I took my lunch to view the Blogging U 201 (Advanced!) course and found your FFA post here to be interesting and it provides a good light on a great organization. I’ve seen FFA at State Fair in Ca many times and always impressed with these kids. Very “Squared away” group of kids, indeed. A good positive look at a great organization. Your passion shows.

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