Don’t share PETA’s post.

I know. It’s tough. But don’t do it. 

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, PETA recently wrote an article about The National FFA Organization and how it’s not a very good organization. I absolutely refuse to link the article  because that’s exactly what they want.

Do you know why people share things in Facebook? To share information. Right information. Wrong information. Either way you are sharing that information with all of your friends. 

I understand that the article is attacking your passion, but sharing the post is doing one thing: MARKETING FOR PETA. 

My major in college was marketing and sales. Do you know how to market things? Show people your products! 

So why are you marketing what you’re fighting? 

Marketing also focuses on passion. If you can show your passion, you can excite people about your products. 

So I beg you, delete your shared post. Instead, share your story! Share your passion! Share your pictures! 

I have read some of the most passionate stories but they were attached to that darn post! Share your passion with YOUR pictures! 

Don’t market for them, market for YOU!



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