Soil Layer Cupcakes!

Are you a teacher or mom or a cupcake lover? This is fun activity just for you! My Ag Exploration class recently learned about the layers of the soil using cupcakes! During class we learn about the layers of the soil. Students discussed why soil is important and how it impacts their own lives. Then we get to the fun part!

I use cupcakes to re-enforce the concept! Using two boxed cake mixes I created cupcakes for my class!


Make the cake mixes as directed on the back of the box. Who doesn’t enjoy watching some Hulu as you cook too!




There are six soil horizons. Therefore, you divide the cupcake mix into six different colors, using food coloring to alter the color.




Layer all the cupcakes in the same order. If you don’t get the same amount of each color it is not a problem. In class, we discuss how soil is different in different locations. Therefore, all the cupcakes are not the same!


Place them in the oven!


In class we use straws to take soil samples, discuss the layers, and review!


Check out the lesson plan and activity below for your classroom!

Soil Sampling with Cupcakes!




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