Thank you, Flashlight Farmer

Flashlight farmer: one who has a full time job off the farm.

Some people call them hobby farmers, but it’s not a hobby. It’s a lifestyle, a passion that consumes you.

Some people call them part-time farmers but absolutely nothing about agriculture is part time. 

So thank you to the flashlight farmers. 

The ones who get up each morning, complete the chores in mud boots only to change into dress shoes to continue their day. 

The ones who come home at night and check their livestock and crops via flashlight, headlight or moonlight. 

The ones who take sick leave for the children and cows, and vacation time for harvest. 

The ones who come to work with imperfect nails, bruises and sore muscles and have to constantly explain how weekends are for a different kind of ‘relaxation.’

The ones who can park a  dirty farm truck in the smallest parking space, and walk away in heels and a dress. 

The ones who spend all night pulling a calf, get two hours of sleep to wake up in the morning and go to their job like nothing happened. 

The ones that put the meaning, the passion, the life in small farmers.

Flashlight farmers, the ones I thank for National Thank A Farmer Week. 




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