Thank you, Corporate Farmers

Yes, I’m thanking Monsanto, Purina, MFA Inc and all those other big corporations that support farmers on a daily basis. 

These probably aren’t the first people you think of when it comes to National Thank a Farmer Week. Mainly people think of the old man in his pickup checking cows, or someone on a tractor. But honestly, we wouldn’t be where we are today without these companies. 

Just think of the invovations they have giving us in the past. Beans that are drought resistant. Corn that can withstand a flood. Tractors that drive themselves. And a constant supplies of things we need to keep our crops, and animals heathy. 

Most people view these large corporations has the enemy. But where would we be without them? 

Personally, I wouldn’t have a job (thanks MFA!) and I wouldn’t have anywhere to buy ground feed for our cattle. We wouldn’t have anywhere to buy fertilizer or lime. And when hay season came around we sure would be up a creek with broken parts. (Breaking something is inevitable, more of a when, not if.) 

So next time you want to thank a farmer, thank the guy on the tractor, thank his wife and thank those companies that keep farmers going day in and day out. 


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