The quilt saga continues…

Well people, it’s been six weeks since the voyage began. And a voyage it has been!

I’ve cut.

I’ve pinned.

I’ve sewed.

And I’ve ironed.

But I am finally making headway! I had to work through some problems with mom’s sewing machine (it may seem cute and antiquish, but it has a mind of its own!)

Yesterday, it was cold and dreary so I worked on quilting after all the  feeding  was done. Before yesterday, I was cutting, pinning and sewing on only one 12 inch block at a time. It takes four of those to make a full quilt block and it was taking me forever to get anything done!

So yesterday, I turned on Netflix (I started Heartland and I’m hooked!) and entered the new world of mass production!

Pretty soon, I had squares everywhere.
And then I had strips everywhere.

And then I had half a block! It took me six weeks to get the first half and one day to get the second half!

I also got to engrossed in Netflix and this happened. Whoops!

By the end of the night, I had two (YES TWO!) full blocks! I was so excited!
Until I looked at the lines and how they didn’t match up.

A little backstory in my line ‘specialty’. When I was little, I used to move my play horses one by one in a straight line until we got where we were going and to this day, I’m still a huge fan of when things match up. So it hurts my ego a little to know that my quilt doesn’t perfectly match up.

But to have convinced myself that as my first quilt, it’s ok to be a little off (and sometimes more than a little).

That isn’t sewed together yet but still gives you a glimpse at my progress! After I got done sewing and looked at my interesting lines, I forgot to take a picture. Tonight, after ironing them, of course, you can check them out on Facebook!





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