Beer Margaritas 

Happy National Margarita Day!

It’s a Monday. I don’t have time to celebrate in typical margarita fashion with a bowl of chips and salsa at a Mexican restaurant.

I also don’t have any clue how to make a true Mexican margarita (and if I did, the local Mexican restaurant might lose a lot of business!)

Bethany and I celebrated National Margarita Day a couple days early on Friday (Shouldn’t this always be on a Friday?!) with a new recipe!  Beer margaritas!


I know. This raises so many questions. Is there a catch? Why is is so easy? Really… Beer and tequila? Is that actually good?

Trust me, it’s good and SO SIMPLE.  We took the more sober route and added only half a can of tequila. To clarify, when I say can of tequila, I mean the frozen lime can. The first batch was super limey (is that a word?) so I would suggest adding all the tequila to tone down the lime a bit more. 

The essential part is THE ICE. Make sure you add crushed ice so it melts with your drink because without the ice, this drink is almost toxic! We used Bethany’s blender to make it the consistency of a frozen margarita.

Either way, it’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s tasty! Happy drinking!

Do you have a favorite margarita recipe? We would love to try it!




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