I fell off my horse

Well. Kinda. It was more of a slide. 

Yesterday, I decided that I was going to ride my horse when I got home. But getting home at this time of the year, you have to rush a bit. 

So as soon as I got home, I threw on my coveralls and grabbed a Rowdy’s rope halter. 

A little back story on Rowdy, he is my baby. I got him when I was 12 and he was a yearling and we’ve been together ever since. He has kicked, bit and bucked me off but I couldn’t love him more. His shoulder is also level with my forehead. He’s a BIG horse. 

I head to the field and walk right up to Rowdy. I’m feeling pretty awesome because the sun is setting and you haven’t seen God’s beauty until you’ve watched the sun set on horseback. 

I lead him over to my mounting rock (yes, rock, we have got some big rocks) and throw my lead rope over his neck to become my reins. 

This is where the fun begins. As soon as I step onto the rock, Rowdy reaches back and nips my coveralls. I smack him in the nose and get back in the rock. He side steps just far enough that I can’t jump onto is back. Back off the rock, re-adjust and back on the rock. Finally, after a little more convincing, I finally get on. 

We set off across the field. All of a sudden here comes, Chex racing from the hay bale like her tail is on fire. She passes us in a blur and Rowdy attempts to take off after her. With only a rope halter to hold his back, he was mildly successful and once I got him stopped, he threw in a few bucks for the fun of it. 

But here comes Chex again, this time she completes a few bucks as she passes by. Rowdy decides that we need to star in the next up and coming western and rears so high, I hear the theme song of the Lone Ranger in my head. 

I felt my legs slipping and the next thing I know, I’m only hanging on by hands in his mane. (Thanks a lot coveralls.) When he comes back down to earth, so did I. But my feet were no longer dangling by his side, they were tangled on the ground. 

I would like to note that in my head, I slid down his back like a graceful dancer and landed on my feet. I doubt that happened but I will keep that mental image!

By now it’s practically dark and I don’t have near enough time to get back on and fix his problem. Besides after, I ‘slid’ off, he gave a few more good bucks, and then stood there patiently waiting for me to scratch his forehead. He knows I love a good challenge and he always provides it.

Either way, he will be getting a definite workout on Saturday. 


Post fall. They are both listening even though they won’t look at me.  


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