Happy International Women’s Day!


What a great time to grow up as a girl! With no brothers to help out on the farm, Nicole, Mom, and I were expected to fill in the gaps. And let me tell you we do a fine job of it! Don’t ever tell us we can’t do something, because growing up with a highly competitive Dad we will prove you extremely wrong. Dad never let us win at anything, whether it was a sport or checkers. That has pushed us both to be the best we can be. Nicole and I can drive a tractor, bale hay, and even pull a calf. We do what needs to be done, to help our family, and make our farm a success; just like every other farmer out there.

Dad recently had knee surgery. For two months we really showcased our ability and ran the farm and it was a great feeling to know that we could do it! Living on a farm as a girl, I have learned that it is OK to not succeed the first time, but you have to try again anyway.

Whether you live on a farm or not, this is a day to celebrate all the jobs, little and big, women do everyday!




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