Dear Subway: We’re done. 

Dear Subway, 

Our relationship has been pretty rough lately. Ever since you announced that you are moving away from meats with antibiotics, we’ve been on the rocks. 


Now, every time I watch The Voice, I have to endure commercial after commercial of how your chicken is healthier because it was raised without antibiotics. I even heard your commercial on my favorite radio station, right between a commercial about supporting National Ag Week and the market reports. 

Honestly, your marketing is doing a great job. Every time, I see or hear your commercial, it makes me want to eat Subway less and less. And I’m not going to lie, I used to eat your sandwiches a lot! I went to your store at least twice a week in college and I’ve always been a sucker for your macadamia nut cookies. 

But not anymore. I understand the want to be healthier. But this isn’t healthier than chickens raised with antibiotics! The way I see it is that you are just using fear marketing and the current trends to sell more sandwiches. 

I can safely say you have lost a customer. Do you know why? Because I raise beef cattle that are treated with antibiotics when they are hurt. Not because they will grow faster or produce more. We treat our animals with antibiotics because they are sick, because they are hurt, but most of all, because we want to give them the best life they can have. 

Believe it or not, farmers are not mad scientists injecting our animals to produce more money. We are people. People with feelings, people with hopes, people with a passion for what they do every day. 

And you are attacking my passion all to earn more money. If you were a true advocate for what you sell, you would be promoting all agriculture. Not just what makes you the most money.

But I would give you one more chance, if you could just answer this one question. Why, Subway? Why are you marketing about something that is healthy both ways? Why are you using fear marketing? Why did you fall to current trend pressures? 

To the consumers reading this: I beg you to do research before you believe advertising. Find credible sources and dig for answers. Many farmers are more then willing to explain every aspect of their farms and lifestyle to you. You just have to ask! 

And if anyone has a good macadamia nut cookies recipes, I sure could use it. 




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