I’ll be Drinking on Memorial Day. 

That’s right. I’m not going a memorial service, I’m not laying flowers in a cemetery, and I’m not going to cry for the one’s that we have lost. You know why?

Because I’m going to CELEBRATE.

I’m going to celebrate the fact that they gave their lives for me to be free. I’m going to celebrate that they miss memorial days with their families so I can spend it with mine. I’m going to celebrate THEIR LIVES.

So yes, I will be on the river this weekend, doing what I love to do. Because I am completely and utterly thankful that I have the ability to do things that people take for granted. Drive. Vote. Have a job. Pick my own husband. All things that are part of our daily lives, but other counties pray for, hope for, and fight for each and every day.

And you know what else is beautiful? The fact that people can openly disagree with this post and express their feelings to me without being persecuted.

All these things happen, because people give their lives for us daily. Men and women give up their lives, leave their children and spouses, and fight for YOU. That’s the beauty of Memorial Day. That’s the reason I celebrate.

But the main reason I celebrate is because some can’t. They gave the ultimate sacrifice to their country. And if that isn’t worth celebrating, then I don’t know what is.

So before you judge me, think of the soldier you are mourning. Do you really think they want you to spend a day locked in sadness? I know that every one of them would look you in the eye and tell you to celebrate.

They fought for you. Why not celebrate them?



One thought on “I’ll be Drinking on Memorial Day. 

  1. I, too am grateful to all who served our country in the military, my husband your grandpa; my son your dad; my brother, brothers in law, friends…I too will have a drink after I kiss my disabled husband good-night and tuck him in bed for the night….maybe 2 drinks!


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