Overwhelming cucumbers 

Means it’s time to make PICKLES!! Or as my Dad likes to say, we grow pickles in the garden instead of cucumbers.

I was excited to try my Grandma’s recipes for dill and bread and butter pickles and when our friends gave us a bag full of cucumbers this was the perfect time!

It was super easy! If you have never made pickles before don’t be afraid!

The cucumbers I was using to make the dill pickles I soaked them for three hours in ice water. The bread and butter recipe called for the cucumbers to be sliced and soaked in water and pickling salt for three hours.

I made the dill pickles first. I sliced them and stuffed them in jars with sliced onions and fresh dill from the garden.

Then I boiled the sugar, water, and salt together. Once it came to a boil you can pour the hot mixture into the jars.

I use this nice green funnel I found at Walmart in the canning my aisle  to help me keep the top of the jars clean.

If you want to use the pickles right away you can stop here and enjoy! But, I wanted to store my a little longer and place them in a hot water bath so I boiled the lids.

As soon as I pored the hot liquid into the jars, I wiped the top of the jar with a dry rag and places the lid and the rims on the jar and hand tightened them. Once I got all the jars done, I put them in the hot water bath for 10 minutes at 180 degrees farirheit.

Next, I started on the bread and butter pickles! I mixed the tumeric, mustard seed, and sugar together and brought it to a boil.

Once it was boiling, you add the sliced pickles to the mixture and let it boil for a couple of minutes, until the cucumbers turn a slightly different color.

Then place the cucumbers and juice into jars. If you want to eat them enjoy or repeat then steps above for a hot water bath!



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3 thoughts on “Overwhelming cucumbers 

  1. This post reminded me of pickles my grandmother used to make and I loved and haven’t had since I was a child – Icicle pickles! She passed away before I was old enough to be taught how to make them myself…


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