I want to quit farming

Last night, I come home and head to the shop to talk to dad. When I walk in, he gives me a look that shows something is wrong. Margo, another one of my pregnant heifers, lost her calf. I cried.

Margo and Lola

I’m ready to quit farming.

These last couple of weeks have been rough. Davy is just getting over being sick and Margo’s calf didn’t even get a chance in this world. To top it all off, I don’t get home until after dark so getting a good look at the cows involves a good flashlight and a lot of patience.

So all the scenarios just keep running through my head. What if I would have checked her this morning before I went to work? What if it was my fault? What could I have done better? Why did I  even buy cows?

Ok, I know. I’m being dramatic. But I don’t care. Farming sucks! I’m ready to quit!

But I won’t.

Tonight, I’ll get on my knees and pray. Pray for a better calving season next year. Pray for Lola, my last pregnant heifer, to have a safe delivery and healthy calf. Pray for Davy’s health to continue to improve.

But most of all, I’ll thank God for the strength. For the  understanding. For the resiliency.

Because that’s what farmers have.

We always have the strength to get  up the next morning and continue on. We have the understanding that when things get tough, we have to get tougher. But most of all, we have the resiliency to continue.

This morning, I got out of bed and headed about my day. Just like every farmer out there, another day of milking, feeding, plowing and growing.

That’s the beauty of farming. Farmers take each day as a new day. Yesterday was full of drought, fire, and overall misfortune. But today, today is a new day. And that’s how I’m going to live it.


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