Here’s to you, Mom

Here’s to the mom that watches her babies grow from dirty children to wild teenagers to level headed, successful adults all because of her patience and strength throughout their lives.

Here’s to the mom who lets her children do what they love, even if that involves a little bit of danger. To the mom that has watched her child get bucked off a bull, race a fast horse or plow a field for the first time alone and after hiding her sigh of relief when it’s over, let’s them do it again tomorrow.

Here’s to the mom that pushes her children to dream bigger and follow their passion, even if it means leaving home and her. To the mom that accepts that some dreams are just too big, but lets her children dream anyways. To the mom that picks you up when you fail and sets you on the right path again.

Here’s to the mom that gives up her Saturday’s and week nights to drive a truck and trailer to the practice pens, rodeos and shows, pays the check and scoops manure; just for the reward of pure excitement on her child’s face.

Here’s to the mom that never gives up. That never lets a calf die without trying every option, will try every parts store to fix the tractor and will make sure the job is done no matter the weather.

Here’s to the mom that will give up her favorite job on the farm, if that’s what her child wants to do. To the mom that will show her love of the land through her actions and pass that onto her children. To the mom that never puts herself before her family or the farm.

Here’s to the mom that works all day and then comes home to work even harder. Fixing fences and field dinners, plowing through farm bills and dirt, she does it all with a determination her children hope they can one day match.

Here’s to the mom that is the heart of the farm, the one that makes sure everyone has clean pants, dry socks, and a hearty breakfast each day. The one that cries with you when the cow doesn’t make it and then helps get the tractor to drag it off. The one that feeds the calves when you forget, keeps track of the truck keys you’ve lost and always makes sure there are snacks on long days.

Here’s to the mom that raises children on the farm that can go from dirty boots to heels and a dress, and feel comfortable in both. To the mom that raises children that can handle their own finances, do a load of laundry and cook a good meal.

Here’s to the mom that gets different ears tags just because the color isn’t right, to the mom that will run from the barn to house time and time again without complaint, to the mom that has the strength to hold back the herd and the patience to deal with the herders. 

And to me, that takes one heck of a woman. 

I don’t know about you, but our farm wouldn’t be the same place without our Mom.

Here’s to you, Mom. We sure do love you.




When You Give a Farmer a Daughter…

My dad will be the first man to stand up and say that his daughters can do everything a son can do. Many times when we have unloaded cattle at the sale barn, loaded feed at the feed store, or picked up tractor parts, he just stands back and lets us do our work with obvious pride. Because when you give a farmer a daughter, his whole life is changed.

Eventually you’ll gain a son ( in-law).

And everyone knows that son-in-law’s work harder than sons.

You’ll end up with more animals than you ever expected.

Dad promised we would never own a horse and now we have two. When I brought home Harley as a puppy, Dad wouldn’t even look at her. Now Dad doesn’t leave the house without Harley on his heels. Next up, goats!

You’ll have the hardest worker and a good lunch too.

Never have I met a son who will build fence, head back to the house when the work is done and have a full meal ready to go for lunch.

You will never be lacking in tears.

Happy tears, sad tears, angry tears. Daughters are bound to break into tears at random times, sometimes just to keep your life interesting.

Small hands come in handy all the time.

Can’t get that nut on in a tight space? Grab a daughter. Dropped a bolt behind the workbench? Daughter to the rescue. If you’re lucky, she will have a set better eyes, too.

You get in touch with your softer side.

Dress up, Barbie’s, saving kittens, and tough decisions like which shoes go better with this dress will be on your daily agenda. Daughters have a funny knack of turning even the toughest farmer into a big ole softy.

You’ll have a name for everything.

Cats named Spot. Heifers named Margo and Lola. Trucks, tractors and even fields will all have names. Will they make sense? Probably not. But man, they sure will make her happy.

You get to keep your intimidation skills sharpened.

We all know those first dates may scare you to death, but you find great joy in shaking the boy’s hand a little too hard and giving him the evil eye as the truck pulls out of the driveway.

Daughters, plain and simple, are better than sons.

Are you ever going to be able to walk your son down the aisle? Watch them grow and change from ladybug mud boots and dance leotards to grown woman with hopes and dreams that surpass everything you had wanted for them? I doubt it.