Just Average Agvocating

I was talking to Dad about what Bethany and I were blogging about the other day and his first response was “you will need written consent to share things about me”. He meant it as a joke, but it’s exactly how many farmers feel. Why are we so scared to share our story? Do we have things to hide? Of course, not! 

As the next generation of farmers, we have a great challenge. We are not only dealing with less land and more people, we are tasked with a growing confusion of where food comes from and the safety of it. But I know that each and every one of us is ready for the challenge. 

Why am I so confident? Because of that thing you are currently reading on. Yes, your smart phone! For those of you using your computer, you can use that too! We are the generation of technology and we have to use it to our advantage. 

Now I’m not asking each of you to go start a blog or make a Facebook page. I’m asking you to be an AVERAGE Agvocator. 

An average agvocator doesn’t have to change the world, or even change their community. We just have to influence a couple of people with the positive truth of agriculture. Once infected with our passion, it’s impossible not to pass it on! 

See a blog post that sparks your interest? Share it and start the conversation with your friends! Did you get a new tractor, horse or chicken? Post a picture and start a conversation! Is your corn coming up or your pumpkins blooming? Tell everyone about it and invite them to see it! 

Notice a trend here? All you have to do is START THE CONVERSATION. Americans are becoming more and more displaced from the farm and it’s our job to connect  them again. What better way to connect with them than with what they are already connected too? 

As farmers, we are fiercely protective of our way of life. But as an average agvocator, we have to remember that we may not always see eye to eye with the people we are sharing our story with. But we can’t attack and shut down! We have to embrace the differences and just agree to disagree.

Instead of getting defensive, show them your passion! Invite them to your farm to talk in person. Offer to talk to the on the phone about their questions. Show them pictures! 

But most of all, DON’T HIDE. We have nothing to hide. Bethany and I blog to open the lines of communication with people who want to know more about what we do. We are just two average agvocator with dreams of becoming awesome.

We are also known to keep to our own business. We can’t do that anymore! Others are speaking out against us and we have to stand up and fight back. We may be the minority, but we are also the mighty! 

So what are you going to do? Share your story and fight for your passion? Or just let others do it for you? The Show Me Sisters are average, what will you be?

~ Nicole