Meet my Fur Friends

Now that everyone has met Lily, I figure it’s time to meet the rest of my furry friends (with winter coming furry is not an understatement!)

If you have checked out the Show-Me Sisters, you will have also seen my largest friends, the horses!

Meet Rowdy, a 16.2 hand Quarter horse gelding that loves to live up to his name. When I was in seventh grade, my horse instructor told me of a guy that was giving away free yearlings to 4-H members. Rowdy was the first one that walked up to me and has been my baby ever since. Since I taught him everything he knows, we are pretty good at reading each other’s quirks. When I need to blow off some steam, he will buck like he’s qualifying for a professional rodeo. When I need a quiet ride, he plods along at a snails pace. He’s huge and has the personality to go with it.

Meet CCC Kimberly Chex, or just Chex to most people. I bought her in my junior year of high school, and she carried me from rodeo to rodeo, chasing cans and weaving poles. The only thing that held us back was my lack of expertise. She is one of the most beautiful mares I have ever seen and has the big heart to go with it. But man, is she a baby! If Chex steps on a rock wrong, she will limp for days! Even though she wears on my nerves with injuries, I wouldn’t  trade her for anything.

Last and not least, is my smallest furry friend, #harleythehound! Yes, Harley is so cute, she has her own hashtag. Check her out on Instagram! When I graduated college last year in May, I told my mom and dad that the only thing I wanted from graduation was a puppy. After months of searching and one craigslist ad later, Harley was officially a member of our family! Since then, she has constantly amazed us with her endless amounts of energy, her smarts, and her ability to only bark in the dark of night. At 18 pounds, she can be the best lap dog unless there are cats to chase. She truly is one of the smartest dogs, I have ever seen and my absolute favorite!

Do you have furry friends? Show me their pictures!