A Sea of Blue… FFA Blue

Just as a boat captain guides his boat and crew through various perils, weather, and challenges that is how I view my job. I am an Agriculture Teacher. I guide and maneuver my students through their education. I try to teach them life lessons with patience and experiences in and outside the classroom. I am not a typical teacher that you find in a school. Students who take my class have the opportunity to be a part of one of the largest national youth organizations in the country. The National FFA Organization was founded in 1928 in Kansas City Missouri. Today there are over 610,240 FFA members ranging from ages 12-21 and can be found over 7,665 chapters in all 50 states plus Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Are all the students in my class farmers? Heck no! FFA is about career success, premier leadership, and personal growth. 32% of membership live in urban and suburban areas and 68% live in rural or farm areas according to The National FFA Organization.

How does this make my class different? I get the chance to know my students in a much broader aspect than any other teacher in the school. FFA members take part in Ag Class as well as several projects, community activities, Area, State, and National events, as well as trips! I just got back from a four day trip with some of the best 40 students in the country, or that’s my opinion at least!

On our trip to the 88th National FFA Convention were able to visit a dairy farm, the Louisville Slugger Museum, Rodeo, Hypnotist Show, played laser tag and demolition ball and attended the 88th National FFA Convention and Expo. Why is the important? As an FFA Advisor and Agriculture Teacher, I may be the first person who has taken these students out of the state for their first time or spent a night in a hotel or even been away from their family!

I love my job because I have the chance to change student’s lives. I was asked by the National Association of Agriculture Educators why I chose my career. I spoke on the stage at National Convention in front of 61,000 PEOPLE!! It was the most amazing and nerve wracking experience of my life! Check out the video on our Facebook Page!

Like any job, there are those days where I literally want to hand in my resignation letter and never set foot back in the school. But like I tell my students, “I like being around you all 98% of the time.” And that is the truth. The best part of my job is literally every day.And even sometimes each moment, there a different experience.

I couldn’t ask for a better career or group of students. I get the opportunity to be around students who want to take my class. They excel in the agriculture department because we learn by hands on experience. Do we take notes and lecture? Sure we do! But I have the opportunity to touch students’ lives through my humor, sarcasm, positive attitude, and a love for students and agriculture. I want to encourage everyone to do something they love and are passionate about. I love that I get to shape and mold the future minds of our nation.