Take a Ride with Me: Feeding Hay

Ever wanted to ride on a tractor and feed hay to cows? 

Well, take a ride with me as I feed hay!


Driving a tractor is a little different than a car or truck because you have so much length in front of you. The bale spear can easily knock things down.


Headed to the hay barn. As the winter progresses and more hay is fed, we will keep the tractor in this barn.


We have to keep panels in front of the hay to prevent the cows from eating the bales in the barn. So feeding alone means a lot of on and off the tractor!


Harley LOVES the hay. Mice, cats and other small animals live in the hay and she can’t wait to hunt them down.

This is where we feed the hay bales. To the left of the picture is the back of our hay barn. It was a warmer day so the cows weren’t  as excited for a bale of hay as they were for the grass still left in the field.


Taking pictures, driving and counting cows is quite difficult! 

Bale rings hold the hay together so very little is wasted.


Harley thinks she is queen of the tractor. She quickly learned to stay out of the way the pedals.

See those green strings? They hold the bales together and were wrapped by the baler last summer. We cut those off with a knife so the cows don’t eat them. 


Second bale! More cows heard the tractor and are ready for their meal.

Everyone who showed up to eat is content and healthy!